Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Swan Boats, Frog Pond, and Campers in the City

One of the benefits of being an urban day camp is the easy access we have to places like the Boston Common and the Public Garden. We picked up the number 43 bus at ten in the morning and didn't come back to camp until two in the afternoon. We took a ride on the swan boats, which was a popular attraction for summer camp groups. We had to wait almost fifteen minutes as many other groups  boarded the boats before us. It was the first time I have seen all the boats in use at one time. It was a nice ride around the little pond, and the campers in my group especially enjoyed watching and attempting to speak to the ducks that swam around us.

Then we walked across the street to the Boston Common where we ate lunch in the shade. After lunch the campers spent two hours splashing around in the Frog Pond wading pool. Some even made friends with children from outside our group during that time. The Frog Pond is always a great place to watch, because people are generally at their best, watching out for all the children and enjoying the ambiance of the public setting.

All too soon (from the camper perspective) it was time to return to camp and we trudged to the bus stop to catch the bus back. We kept cool, had fun, and had almost no behavioral issues. It was a good day. As this camper clearly believes:


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