Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Beating the Heat

It was a hot day in Boston. We took the campers out on a long walk before it got too hot to bring them around the neighborhood. There may have been one or two complaints of sore feet as we walked past the Reggie Lewis center, but all complaints were forgotten when we returned to camp. There Mrs. Grayson was waiting with nice cold ice cream for all the campers and staff. We sat in the shade of the tree and enjoyed the ice cream, waiting for the story teller to come.

At 11:15 the story teller from Read Boston came to spend a half an hour telling the children stories. This is always a good experience, and the story tellers are very energetic and devoted to their performance. The campers, especially the youngest ones, love it. To end the story teller's visit, each child gets a free book to take home courtesy of the Storymobile. The campers thanked the story teller and the representative from Read Boston before opening up their new books.

In the afternoon, the campers changed into bathing suits and the whole camp walked to a nearby playground. The playground is next to a sprinkler, which the campers loved. The counselors opted to stay out of the water and enjoy the nearby shade.

It was a fun, relaxed and enjoyable day, the kind of day that summer memories are made of.


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