Friday, July 6, 2012

Camper Perspective: Group 2 is Great

One of our hopes for this blog is that it not only reflect the perspective of the staff, but also of the children. We seek to showcase their work and improve their self esteem as they see their best efforts published on this blog. In the interest of showing their work as honestly as possible, only minimal edits have been made to the child's work.


Journal Entries
Summer camp is fun because you can play. Then, we sing song and play again. I'm in group two. In group 2 you are first to do fun things and group 1 is too. But not group 3, they have to work hard. You get 30 minutes to play. Snack is the best because it's yummy. Then, we go to computers. Then if you are not home you play again.

Today we play 2 fun game. I just play the game that was called snail. 2, 3, or 4, people can play. Also jacks. There were some games that were also fun. There are 2 ladies that show me the games. It was the best!

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