Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Group 4

Anyone familiar with the Sr. Mary Hart Children's Summer Program in the past few years knows that there are 3 groups of campers. However, there when one considers the entirety of the camp, one realizes there is a fourth group, also known as the counselors. There are 7 of us ranging in ages from 15-22. And we truly are a group of our own. We challenge the campers to games of 4-square, basketball, and keepaway. We are a strong team that does its best to keep the children in line. That being said, I'm sure we get on Mrs. Grayson's nerves at times. This "Group 4" dynamic is one of the strengths of the summer camp. At camp, it's not only about making sure the campers have a good summer and use their minds, but also about training leaders among the staff. This is a reminder of Sr. Mary's dedication to all 18 years of childhood, not just the elementary school years. She recognized that teenagers have different needs for their development, and by providing many teens with their first summer job, she helped meet that need for a chance for responsibility. In Group 4 we are charged with responsibility, but we are still allowed to embarce the child within us, still able to spend the summer having fun at a great summer camp.


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