Thursday, July 19, 2012

Science in Action: Yogurt Making

I have been asking the kids to save their milk cartons for the past week. The reason-we were going to make yogurt. Yesterday was the day to put together the recipe. While Kearya heated up milk to 200 degrees on the stove, I explained the science of yogurt making to the campers. Most were disgusted to learn that yogurt is made by adding bacteria to milk, though, they soon learned that some bacteria (like the bacteria in yogurt) is good for human health. The campers walked through the kitchen to watch as the milk was heated, and then cooled. Each camper prepared a carton of the milk with a bacteria culture to make the yogurt. Then the cartons were carefully sealed with duct tape and placed inside the fridge to keep cold. It takes 8 hours for the milk to become yogurt, so sometime today the campers will be enjoying a  delicious and nutritious, home made snack, and they'll be able to explain how it was made and why it is good to eat.


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