Friday, July 6, 2012

Historic New England

Happy belated Independence Day! Boston is known as the cradle of liberty in this country. It was the site of many a protest and home to some of the founding fathers. The Revolutionary War started in Lexington, only a few miles away. Historic New England is an organization that seeks to preserve historical landmarks and artifacts in the region and educate the public about the lives of New Englanders from generations past. Each year they come to the summer camp and spend an hour with the campers. 

They began their hour by explaining the mission of Historic New England. Their focus today was on how children in the past played and had fun. All children in all ages have played games with each other, though they did not have the gaming technologies that children today have. Instead they played games like tag, hide-and-go-seek, and games that needed only simple toys such as jacks, pick-up-sticks,  checkers, and a board game called "snail."

The campers enjoyed the games and were active participants in the discussion lead by the Historic New England workers about lifestyles from the past. For the last twenty minutes, they made pinwheels out of  paper, pencils, and thumb tacks. It was a nice morning and at the end of the hour the campers thanked Historic New England and wished them well. 

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