Monday, July 23, 2012

Museum of Science

July 23, 2012

Today the children in group 3 and a select few of group 2 took a trip to the Science Museum. Each year, you never know which of them will be far more interested in the exhibit as opposed to the others. However, today many of them were very intrigued with the exhibits we did get to see. We started off first at the new Mummy exhibit, which allowed many of them to try and understand the time frame of the Egyptians and most importantly their spiritual beliefs. Many of them needed clarification on what it meant as the afterlife. Explaining to them, that Egyptians believed that after death, one's soul would live on and whether or not they lived well was their significance in body on earth. After allowing them time to all take a picture on the camel, provided in the exhibit, we ventured on to the mathematics section in the red wing. This by far made them understand probability, illusion, inventors and creators of all that we know today, based on the forefathers who paved such a road for us to embark on. We continued onward to the space equipment, which also allowed them to go into an interactive space shuttle and lay and see just how astronauts live while in space.

We went to many of interactive exhibits that had the children explore and most importantly quiet down and learn. The one good thing about the museum as opposed to other years, was it was not crowded. This allowed every child to venture off through the section of exhibit, but not worry to have to wait until the line lessened, not worry of other children around with far more distractions; it just made everything a bit more easier with their ability to be able to question certain things, read about it, learn about it, and continue on. Even on the train ride back you could tell that they were still thinking about what they had seen; train ride was pretty quiet as they sat back listening to the wheels of the train take us back to Ruggles street.


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