Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Simple Day for Those of Us Back at Camp

Today Group 2 went to tour the Taza Chocolate factory today...unfortunately we couldn't all go (I was sorely disappointed that I couldn't position myself as a chaperone for the trip). So those of us left behind at the parish center decided to have a fun outdoor morning at our favorite local playground (behind the police headquarters). We had a race around the playground and spent some time playing tag. After lunch we chilled out in the church and watched The Smurfs movie.

 It was a nice quiet way to follow a busy rowdy morning. Before we knew it, Group 2 was back (bearing some samples of rich dark chocolate with him). For those of us back at camp it was a simple, but enjoyable day.

By the way, Group 2 had a wonderful time at the chocolate factory. There's a post on its way about their time there.


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