Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fundraiser Success

Four weeks ago we held the first annual Sr. Mary's Children Fundraiser for the Sr. Mary Hart Children's Programs at St. Katharine Drexel Parish. The event was held in the church hall at St. Katharine's and was a huge success. Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of countless people who knew and loved Sr. Mary, we raised almost $25,000.

This event was planned and put together by a committee of devoted people, including a number of young people that have worked in the programs. Sr. Mary's spiritual presence was evident as her mentees spoke about her care and dedication to them, which in turn taught them care and dedication to others in their own lives. The event shows us that Sr. Mary's greatest strength may have been her ability to raise up leaders to follow in her footsteps and continue her work. 

The Summer Camp starts July 2 (next week!) and runs until August 3. Please check back to this blog regularly, we will have postings of work by the children and staff of the program and a record of the summer.


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